• Research of all personal property
  • Organize and set up of sale
  • Price and display all items
  • Prepare and place all advertising
  • Professional and knowledgeable staff
  • Security - including display cases
  • Summary of Sale 


Some Common Questions:

WHAT IS AN ESTATE SALE? It is the professional liquidation sale of personal property . . . everything from antiques and automobiles to everyday household items. Estates are sold for families, heirs, executors, attorneys, trustees, and those who are moving into smaller residences. 

WHY HIRE PROFESSIONALS?... WHY NOT DO IT YOURSELF? Because we will make more money for the estate. The pricing and selling of personal property needs knowledge of values, not only of antiques and collectibles, but of the hundreds of usual items that make up an estate. We take the worry out of a very stressful and labor intensive job. 

DESCRIBE AN ESTATE SALE? The sale is held on the premises of the estate. All items are researched, displayed, and individually priced. It takes an average of two weeks to set up for a typical sale. The sale itself generally takes two days, usually over a weekend. Payment, including a complete summary of inventory sold, is provided to the estate typically within 7-10 business days. 

WHAT DOES IT COST? The fee is based on a percentage of the gross receipts of the sale - ALL Standard Services are included. Additional charges may be made for sales that demand special considerations. Other services, such as Personal Property Appraisals for Probate purposes, are also available. 

WHAT ELSE SHOULD I KNOW? We use an extensive mailing list of customers and specialty buyers, along with newspaper advertising and flyers. The sales are well attended and professionally conducted.