Appraisals for:

·  Charitable Contribution

·  Dissolution of Marriage

·  Equitable Distribution

·  Estate Planning

·  Estate Tax & Probate

·  Expert Witness

·  Hypothetical Appraisals

·  Insurance

·  Inventory Services

·  Loss

·  Moving Probate 


Some Common Questions:

WHAT IS AN APPRAISAL? An appraisal is an unbiased estimate of value by a qualified person, of any type of property, at a particular time, for a specific purpose. This is a signed document which is suitable for submission to insurance companies, the courts and the Internal Revenue Service. As required by the Code of Ethics of the Appraisers National Association and the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP), the appraiser must report the facts acting as a disinterested third party, rather than as an advocate. The Appraisers National Association requires the successfull completion of the USPAP course every five years.

WHY SHOULD I HAVE MY ANTIQUES, COLLECTIBLES AND OTHER PERSONAL PROPERTY APPRAISED? You may need an appraisal to get insurance coverage for your classic car, as an example. A complete inventory and description of items is included in an appraisal report.

WHAT IS INVOLVED IN AN APPRAISAL? I will come to your home or place of business to examine your property. After completing the inspection and inventory on the items at your home or business, research is conducted using comparables, market trends, and other factors to determine their value. The report is usually mailed to you within four to six weeks.

HOW OFTEN SHOULD I HAVE AN APPRAISAL? Due to changing market conditions, most insurers recommend that personal property, especially antiques and collectibles, be reappraised every two to three years. 

HOW MUCH DOES THIS COST? Charges are calculated at an hourly rate, based on the amount of time involved conducting the inspection, research time, and inventory. In accordance with professional ethics and IRS regulations, the fees are based upon time and materials expended and never on the value of the items appraised. Additional research, court testimony, outside consultants or travel may result in additional fees.